Beef tri-tips cooking on the Santa Maria grill

Palos Verdes Art Center is pleased to announce the reopening of Stripe Café, now under the management of Shady Grove Foods. Owned by Dennis Robicheau and his father, David, Shady Grove was founded in 2013 and is a caterer specializing in Americana food traditions, with expertise in Santa Maria-style BBQ. Shady Grove @STRIPE CAFE will open early August at PVAC with Cordon Bleu-trained Chef Daniel Petry in the kitchen.” The foundation of Shady Grove Foods is built around two principles: comfort and hospitality,” says Robicheau. “After meeting the people at the Art Center, we felt at home and that there would be a good fit.” The menu will change daily featuring California and Cajun-inspired dishes, including grilled tri-tip and shrimp and fried chicken, as well as fresh salads and local wines.

Shady Grove @STRIPE CAFE will be featured
Saturday, August 4 at ARTS ON THE HILL @PVAC, a free family event.






Located at:
Palos Verdes Art Center
5504 West Crestridge Road
Rancho Palos Verdes, CA 90275