Shady Grove BLT – Shady Grove’s savory bacon is the star of this sandwich. We combine our bacon with jalapeño cilantro mayonnaise, made fresh daily, and top it with fresh tomato and crispy lettuce. Served on fresh sourdough bread. … 10.50 w/ half-side, 9 a la carte

Shady Grove Veggie Sandwich –Cold smoked goat cheese, sprouts, cucumber, lettuce, tomato, and avocado with jalapeño cilantro mayonnaise and raspberry chipotle sauce, served on malted bread.  So good, you’ll forget it’s veggie. … 10.50 w/ half-side, 9 a la carte

Smoked Turkey w/ Avocado and Shady Grove Bacon – Smoked turkey with apricot glaze, Shady Grove bacon, Provolone cheese, and avocado topped with frisée lettuce in a cranberry vinaigrette with dried cranberries. Served on sourdough bread. … 12 w/ half-side, 10.50 a la carte

Fried Chicken Sandwich – A well-seasoned boneless skinless chicken thigh is dredged in buttermilk and flour and fried until crisp and golden brown, served on a brioche bun with jalapeño cilantro mayonnaise, pickled red onions, and two slices of Shady Grove Bacon. … 12 w/ half-side, 10.50 a la carte

Chicken Salad Sandwich – w/ dried apricot, summer squash, roasted almonds, in a Greek yogurt dressing served on malted brown bread or sourdough … 11.50 w/ half-side, 9 a la carte

Tri-Tip Sandwich – Tri-Tip from the Santa Maria Grill, sliced and stacked on a French roll, with house bacon BBQ sauce. … 14 w/ half-side, 12.50 a la carte

Oak Grilled Bacon Cheese Burger –  w/ lettuce, tomato, onion and Russian(ish) dressing. … 14 w/ half-side, 12.50 a la carte



The Bakersfield – Love this salad. It has butter lettuce, candied smoked walnuts, dried cranberries, blue cheese, and apples: all served with a strawberry vinaigrette. … 9.50

San Francisco Mission Salad – Japanese cucumber, cauliflower, green onion, chickpeas, mushrooms, radish, Serrano chilies, and sunflower seeds tossed in a Greek yogurt & sunflower oil dressing. … 9.50

The Big Green Salad – You all know what this is. Hard-boiled eggs, butter lettuce, micro greens, and vinaigrette made of olive oil and lemon. Add avocado if you like. … 9.50

Grilled Kale & Romaine Caesar – w/ heirloom cherry tomato, shaved parmesan, cracked black pepper on oak grilled French bread … 9.50 Add chicken breast, salmon, or shrimp . . . 5

Add chicken breast, salmon, or shrimp . . . 5



Rosemary Parmesan Fried Potatoes5

Corn Salad w/ Red Onion & Basil5

French Potato Salad5

Mom’s Pasta Salad5

Coleslaw … 5